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BookBee Introduces Scrubs

     Melissa Avalos, the owner of BookBee bookstore, noticed a trend on her customers: medical scrubs.  The majority of the store’s customers are college students.  Avalos said that jeans and t-shirts are the usual school wear.  However, Avalos saw a number of customers dressed in scrubs, “I was used to seeing students enrolled in health profession programs in scrubs but I saw a number of customers who had other majors who were in scrubs.”  Avalos talked to the customers in scrubs, “I found that many students worked in hospitals, medical and dental offices but also in home health care agencies, nursing homes and day care centers.”  Avalos decided to add scrubs to the products sold by BookBee.

    “Being the off-campus bookstore, I have to offer a better price on textbooks than the on-campus bookstore.” Avalos said.  “I decided to apply the same pricing strategy to scrubs.”  BookBee carries scrubs from Dickies®, Cherokee®,WonderWink® and Prestige Medical®.

    “We offer both inexpensive scrubs and scrubs that are a little more fashionable.” Avalos said.  In addition, BookBee carries lab coats and medical instruments such as stethoscopes, otoscopes and sphygmomanometers.


About BookBee:  BookBee is a college textbook store located at 2168 East Jackson, Brownsville.  BookBee was founded by Melissa Avalos in 1999.

About Melissa Avalos:  Melissa graduated from the University of Texas at Brownsville with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

For more information:      Melissa Avalos, 542-1902

"BookBee Has More Than Just Textbooks" - Brownsville Herald Article, 2001

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